Pollution - Radon

Radon Gas is an invisible, radioactive atomic gas that results from the radioactive decay of , which may be found in rock formations beneath buildings or in certain building materials themselves. Radon is probably the most pervasive serious hazard for indoor air in the United States and Europe, probably responsible for tens of thousands of deaths from lung cancer each year.[

There are relatively simple tests for radon gas, but these tests are not commonly done, even in areas of known systematic hazards. Radon is a heavy gas and thus will tend to accumulate at the floor level. Building materials can actually be a significant source of radon, but very little testing is done for stone, rock or tile products brought into building sites. The half life for radon is 3.8 days, indicating that once the source is removed, the hazard will be greatly reduced within a few weeks. However annually thousands of people go to radon contaminated for purposeful exposure to help with the symptoms of without any serious known health effects. Radon mitigation methods can be applied at construction time or when the problem is detected. They are usually cost effective and can greatly reduce or even eliminate the contamination and the associated health risks. 2

Radon is Invisible and can Kill

Radon Gas

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