Buying or Selling a Home

Whether buying or selling a home you have probably heard the term "clearance certificate".

A clearance certificate is proof that professional remediation work has been completed or that the residence or office is free from air quality and mould issues.

Selling a Home – be proactive and address a potential issue before it addresses you! Getting your home professionally inspected and cleared of indoor air quality or mould issues is a clever way to show potential buyers that your home is safe. …it also takes away the possibility that a potential buyer will be turned away from buying because they, or their inspector, find something you didn’t know about.

Buying a Home – There is only one way to make sure that the home you plan on buying is free from air quality and mould issues…get a complete inspection of the home and a detailed clearance certificate.

We Could be Living in Your Home


Dust Mites, Mould, Asbestos, or Indoor Air Pollutants

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