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At the Ogden Funeral Home we take pride in providing the highest quality of services and products for the families that we serve in the Scarborough Community.  Because we are closely connected to the health sciences industry, we understand the importance of providing a safe environment for both our clients and our staff.  In an era that has seen the outbreak of various infectious diseases and how it can bring a city to an almost virtual standstill, we were very interested in learning more about Certified Indoor Air and how it could provide infection control throughout our facilities.  To be convinced of its effectiveness we requested a “before” and “after” testing be conducted using their antimicrobial solution in areas and on surfaces that we were of concern to us.  Areas that included our preparation room, staff and public washrooms, staff and public lounge facilities and specialized equipment designed for funeral home use.  We requested that Certified Indoor Air have an independent outside company perform cultural testing on these areas with re-testing to follow after the application of the antimicrobial solution; the results being remarkable.  Having analyzed the test results we made what we considered to be an aggressive and pro-active decision to have these areas treated to provide the utmost in modern protection and control practices.  We believe we have made the right decision for the safety of our staff and the general public who frequent our doors.  In doing so it has given us the peace of mind knowing we have done all we presently can to help prevent the spread of potential infectious disease making for a safe environment for those who work here and those visiting our premises.  It is clear to us that Nviroguard’s Antimicrobial Program is well suited for our funeral home industry.

David Garvie
Director of Ogden Funeral Home

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