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The Nova team have been designing and building homes since 1979. In recent years Nova has paid extra attention to green building practices to create homes that are better for the environment and for the client. In this respect Nova saw Certified Indoor Airas a means to preserve treated wood from rot and mould in the attic space; while also treating the air ducts to ensure the highest quality of indoor air.

Attic Spaces - in case of a leaky roof or poor ventilation, Nviroguard's chemistry helps prevent the build-up of mould.
Air Ducts - air ducts are a common place for mould as they are cool and have constant moisture. Nviroguard's chemistry prevents mould growth.
High Contact Surfaces - High contact surfaces, such as door knobs, were treated to reduce the spread of germs amongst family members.

Preventative Treatment to Stop these Guys


Bacteria & Viruses

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